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The genesis of a magnificent yard is the structure. We construct retaining walls, patios, open-air chimneys, and walkways. Utilizing just the most unique quality products accessible on sale and our skilled craftsmanship, we will create enduring designs. We will operate jointly with you to guarantee that we explicitly understand your aims.

We concede with you that your asset is a significant investment, and we desire our clients to recognize that we are there for them and to assist them in achieving the aspirations that they may have for their property.

We are happy to give you artistic and unique hardscape designs for both domestic and industrial estate owners. Interlocking stone pavers, pavements, and all stone works are but a piece of cake for the Sod Green Company. If you want a porch or a flawless path, we can design and fix all that to meet the desired measures. We can create beauty in your walkways using a definite edge. Sod Green plans and establishes every kind of hardscape.

Flagstone Installation Dallas

To complement the concrete designs, we provide high-quality tracks, stairs, footpaths, natural ferroconcrete or paver patios, spring fountains, artificial turf and so on and ascertain how actual patterns can expand your patio space to invent artistic picnic space on your property.

Look at it this way, how unfair it is for you to move on an improperly-sized rough saturated surface! The Sod Green Company can create a profound distinction We expertly install and construct everything from the patio surface to an entirely concrete slab, or structured flag for your retained walls arrangement, backyard stones and much more. According to the client’s preferences, we are a team that combines vast levels into the designs we create.

What do we do?

  • Flagstone patio installation
  • Flagstone walkway
  • Stone border beds
  • Retaining wall
  • Brick stone flower bed

Flagstone patio installation

BeforeFlagstone Installation Dallas

Flagstone walkway


Stone border beds


Retaining wall


Brick stone flower bed


Brick barbecue patio


Oklahoma chop stone


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