Sod Installation Dallas Tx

Sod Installers Dallas Tx

Sod Green maintains a competent and skilled trained lawn installation team that will give you quick and reliable services. Our company concentrates on household and commercial sod installations. Our turf has several conventional installation strategies; magnum rolls, hand slabs, and so on — we expertise in installing everything from hard-to-access grounds to multiple acreage projects. Our team pays close attention to the specifications and completes your project at the designated time.

Let’s get to the installation part. Everyone thinks sodding is complicated and costly. Well, let’s make that easy for you. We do the sodding for you at a cheap cost. We clean and level the surface for you, we dig down the edges for a smooth level of the sod and add some organic matter to upgrade the PH of the soil, which will help the roots become firm and healthier, thus providing a greener lawn.

If you already have your lawn, we don’t need to remove it to make a sod replacement. All we need to do is to unravel the soil with natural matter and level the sod with the edges available, cut the actual grass to a low level, and surface the existing dips. We then cover fertilizer on it, which will provide nutrients to the rootstocks as the fresh green lawn grows.

If your preference is to remove the existing lawn first before making a sod placement, we can do that as well. A chemical called glyphosate can do the trick. We can spray it all over your yard and then install the turf over the dead grass. Most lawn lovers don’t like the use of chemicals, so we can use a shovel or tiller on rocky grounds to do the job. Well, it might take time, but it is worth the hardship.

We will then unroll the sod, starting with the edges of the landscape that we cannot transfer. We also use the clippers to cut the frame in and lay the sod parallel to the longest fixed edge, making sure we stagger each run. That way, the short sides will not line up together. You can call the company at short, twice a year, to help fertilize and maintain your new lawn as it grows.

As a disclaimer, for three weeks, we prohibit our customers from mowing freshly laid lawns. We also caution against heavy foot traffic until the roots of your new grounds are well fixed to the earth. Heavy foot traffic on a new field creates ground unevenness.

Grass varieties and pricing

All sod pallets come with 450 sqf or 50 yards.
Our installation process will begin by removing current grass or weeds by scalping it as short as we can. Then, if you have a sprinkler system we will mark sprinkler heads with flags or other sprinkler pipes so we don’t damage when roto tilling. Next, a machine tiller will tilled the whole ground to remove and loosen dirt. Once it’s tilled we will hand level and grade with a hard rake. If topsoil needs to be added to level uneven spots we will apply it.
Most of the yards are leveled and don’t need enriched soils. We will apply soil if the customer requests it or if we see it needs new fresh soil. Last, we will begin laying sod the right way and after it has been installed we will roll it with a roller full of water to level the sod even and to remove air from the grass. Installing Sod in Plano Tx, Coppell Tx, Arlington Tx, Irving Tx, and many other areas.

St.Augustine grass

  • Delivered and installed
  • Grows in shade and sun
  • Thick carpet like sod
  • Crows out most weeds

Zoysia grass

  • Grows in sun. Some shade
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Low water & Maintenance
  • Foot traffic tolerant

Bermuda grass

  • Grows in full sun
  • Warm season grass
  • Heat, drought, traffic tolerant
  • Can be scalped & over seed

Zeon zoysia grass


Bermuda grass

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St.Augustine grass


Emerald zoysia grass


Palisades zoysia grass


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