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Enjoy your golf practice at home or office, upgrade your home, and save the time, money, and energy you invest when you go out to practice golf. Let our expert putting green installers in Texas set up an indoor or outdoor portable putting green carpet for you.

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Are You a Newbie, Amateur, or Pro Golfer?

If you love golf, you should know the importance of your short game skills. You know practice is the key to mastering any skill, and you wish to practice regularly to improve your skills.

Are you having a hard time meeting up with training sessions?

Have your training sessions been keeping you away from family?

Do you wish to practice at the comfort of your home?

A Backyard Putting Green Installation Is the Solution.

A home mini golf putting green allows you to practice at your leisure on a course designed specifically for your skill level. Now you can master that perfect flop, chip, and putt with an exclusive outdoor or indoor golf putting green, right in your backyard.

We know that you want to perfect your technique, and we understand that you may not have the opportunity or time to visit the golf course every time.

We offer artificial putting green installation customized to fit your needs, an opportunity for you to enjoy your game just like you would on a real golf course.

Why Install a Backyard Putting Green?

You Practice More

When you install a custom outdoor putting green in your backyard, you get to practice anytime and improve your game. Synthetic putting greens on a significantly larger yard can enable you to take longer putts from different angles and distances.

You Save Money

Have you taken the time to calculate how much you spend visiting the golf course daily? With home putting greens in your backyard, you save gas money and practice fees and save your vehicle the stress.

You Save Time

Synthetic putting greens in the backyard will save you time spent driving to and from the golf course. Additionally, you won’t have to bother about making reservations or reaching the course on time. You get to invest more time in practicing.

Add to Your Home’s Beauty

Few things are as beautiful as a green and a well-kept backyard putting green. Imagine inviting your friends over for a day of barbecue and golf practice. With the artificial mini golf putting green in your backyard, your home will look like a country club.

Quality Time with Family

You can practice, and, at the same time, teach your kids when you have a backyard golf course made of a putting green. Enjoy your great family, something you can’t get in a golf course outside.

Reliable Putting Greet Services in Texas

The Sod Green Company gives you a custom putting green installation service in Texas. We’re the putting green experts, and we ensure we set up a backyard golf course that perfectly fits your home.

We give you durable, quality, low maintenance, and expert-recommended putting greens that will deliver the results you want. Our synthetic putting green allows for natural ball roll, delivering realistic performance just like it is on a golf course.

Our products are chemical-free, made in the US, contain 100% recycle-able products, and are professionally designed and installed by our in-house putting green installation experts.

Let’s save you time, money, and energy and help you practice more.

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Now that you have decided to take the plunge and invest in a home putting green, you may be wondering what challenges lie ahead. Building a putting green in your backyard is not as simple as just throwing down some turf and adding a hole. If you want your home to be a successful and enjoyable experience, Then you need professional services from sod green.

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