Sod Lawn Installation: 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional

The scent of freshly cut grass conjures the feeling of spring, the cool blades of grass tickling your toes. A beautifully manicured green lawn of your dreams does not grow overnight. A sod lawn can be installed in a day, however. Sitting on the patio and listening to the songs of birds while professionals install your sod lawn may be the best thing you do all year.
Sod Over Grass Seed
Turf provides an “instantly attractive” lawn for any homeowner. Many Homeowner Associations (HOA) insist that lawns be sodded, not seeded, with a specific type of grass. Sod can be installed in a day by professional landscape companies. It should never be applied to the frozen ground but can be applied year-round in many regions.

Sod is living turfgrass that is harvested by slicing down an inch into the ground. Numerous sod farms exist in the Dallas area. Turf produces a denser lawn than seed application, which helps discourage weed germination. Grass seeded lawns grow slowly and with weeds. A newly sodded yard will be seed free.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional

  1. Your Time Is Precious
    It should be stated for the record if you do not have a green thumb nor have any interest in proper plant care, you should hire a professional to sod your lawn. You and your neighbors will be much happier with the result.Sod installation requires planning and consideration to the time of year and regional location. If you live in Minneapolis and winter is your only “free time,” installing your sod lawn is not an option. By contrast, Dallas-area residents can install sod anytime that the land can be tilled.The most significant hurdle in sod installation is that it must be installed in one day and as soon as possible after it was harvested.
  2. Sod Installation Process
    Sod installation can be a daunting challenge for homeowners to DIY because the process involves more than merely unrolling sod.Sod is sold in rolls or by pallet. Strips vary from 2-10’ in length and 1-2’ in width.Before new-yard sod installation, retaining walls and patios should be installed. After these fixtures are installed, the yard will be graded using a backhoe. Alternatively, a rototiller may be used to prepare the ground of existing yards. A professional can assist will any grading or re-grading that needs to be completed.After the yard is graded, a soil rake is used to smooth all areas. Next, a lawn roller is used to pact the soil. Based on the region, fertilizer may be applied at this point. The ground is watered before carefully laying the sod in a distinct pattern. The lawn roller is used again. All of this must be completed in one day!
  3. Grass Varieties
    The quality and type of sod vary. A professional sod installer can advise what kind of grass is best for your region and yard (shade can make a difference).In the Dallas area, expect to see St. Augustine and Bermuda in residential lawns. Golf courses or shaded areas typically reserve zoysia. Buffalo sod is gaining popularity due to being drought tolerate.

A healthy lawn of green grass can be a welcoming sight. Begin your journey by hiring a professional.