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The Sod Green Company provides you with the best and most reliable sod services. We can get low-cost turf planted in your garden. Get in touch with us! We are experts in the fields of residential and commercial landscape design, construction, and refurbishment. We will provide you with unique resources through coaching and learning workshops attended by our qualified and trained landscapers.

Dallas, Texas residents have been receiving high-quality sodding services from America’s best lawn care company, for the past decade and a half. There is no work too big or small for us, ranging from simple patch repairs to extensive commercial sodding services.

Our dedication is focused on our ability to provide long-lasting sodding services and to give our customers real value for their money. When properly maintained, the regular lawns sods are award-winning.

Our lawn care experts will provide quotes on-site and will be available to lay your sod as soon as you are ready to work with us closely. We work quickly and efficiently using sodding methods that we have learned over the years. Our sodding systems ensure that your lawn is even and that the field can correctly drain water.

While the heavy lifting is the laying of the lawn, proper maintenance of the yard is essential. Our expert technical team will demonstrate the right way to water and mow your yard and apply fertilizers. We aim at ensuring that our consumers have the longest possible time to enjoy the appeal of their lawn.

About Us

Sod Green is one of the most valued suppliers of yard care in Texas. It is the leading sod company that offers unique services. We have great sodding techniques perfected with practice, which make your lawn attractive for a long time.

If you need sod installation services, synthetic turf installation, please contact us today. We can choose your sod for a full grass substitution, or we can assist you in determining the suitable grass such as Bermuda, St Augustine, or Zoysia grass. We are involved in landscape, irrigation, drainage, and maintenance installations. Stone and hardscape services are also available.

Sodding your yard has confirmed advantages. It assists in calming your home, absorbing warmth, decreasing sound levels; it is curative, and it provides tasteful, precise significance to your home. Sod Green has been rendering sodding services for years in Dallas, Texas, and its neighboring areas.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, technically gifted, well trained, and certified technicians, we can assure our customers the best lawn award with our sod installation services. All is possible because we use only the best quality sods in your yards. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians use a new sod-cutting technique. No sodding work is too complicated, be it regular or special areas.

We ascribe to best business practices as an existing cornerstone of the business community in Dallas, Texas. With no hidden charges, all our quotes are transparent. We do not charge bin prices, dumping costs, or gas costs when we sell any service to our customers. We have other deals in store for you to enjoy.

As a leader in the industry, we give our clients quality services at competitive prices. Our standard sodding services make your yard visually appealing regardless of the challenges you face, such as drainage issues, heavy weeds, or poor soil. We guarantee our customers an aesthetically pleasing and enduring experience by only using premium grass from the best sod farms. The process of replacing lawn grass with sodding is done by using new rolled grass, which is held together by the roots and soil.

We recommend that all our owners grow their grass at The Sod Green Company because, with our expertise, sodding effects are immediate. The sods allow the quick transformation of bare and exposed soil, from a mud patch to a beautiful, green lawn in one day. Sod requires a year of nourishment, from seed to maturity, to be considered mature. Seed planting takes a long time and requires much work.

Sod is an instant lush, exuberant lawn. Sodding your yard will have an immediate effect when it changes your landscape even though they take time to grow. Although your seeds may eventually mature, they do not have a primary aesthetic attraction.

You have to plant them with high-quality soils to get your seeds going. However, with the grass that has already matured, you do not require high-quality soils. Sodding needs water to survive, and herbicides and fertilizers are necessary for seeds to grow.

Choosing what to do with your lawn is your discretion; we find no problem with sodding. It’s easy to maintain, keeps the mud away from the house, and helps with severe storms to stop washouts.
Our sodding services are inexpensive, and we respect our customer satisfaction. Our qualified and skilled technicians will give you tips on the best methods of lawn care, including watering and application of fertilizer.

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As Sod Green specialists, our knowledge of topography in this area ensures that our familiarity with local soils, weeds, and current drainage problems will make your project a success. Our consultants are highly trained professionals. We work with experts who thoroughly understand the value of every step of sodding.